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At Hawk Security Systems Inc. we offer protection, security, and peace of mind to our clients - who are our top priority. Our highly trained employees work together to take care of all your needs including custom installations and interactive monitoring services. Hawk Security Systems Inc. offers a wide range of services from full time, 24/7 protection for you, your family, or your business to offering real-time, interactive control over the security of your home or business.

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Security Solutions For Your Business

You've invested a lot of time and money to get your business where it is today.
You want the local service and experience of Hawk Security to design the system for your business or farm.

From video surveillance to electronic security systems to access control, Hawk Security has the experience to design the right system for the right job.

Hawk Security has extensive experience designing and implementing such systems to protect livestock on farms, refrigerated vaccines in pharmacies, and power / generator monitoring for food service and manufacturing facilities.

Intrusion Alarms

Electronic security systems can allow for your employees to have a panic button that can silently call the police in an holdup, or call the police for you in the event of a break-in. Hawk Security will take the extra steps to design and install a system that is sufficient enough to do the job of securing your business.

Fire Alarms

Hawk Security is experienced in designing UL commerical fire systems. We have highly-trained technicians with NICET III level certifications to design and install even the most complicated of fire systems. We provide professional installations, and our service technicians are never far away in the event of an emergency.

Video Surveillance

Hawk Security is the leading provider of High-Definition (1080+) video surveillance systems in Harrisonburg, VA, and the surrounding areas. Our systems can be configured for remote access via computer or mobile device.

Text & E-mail

Hawk Security offers flexible text, e-mail, and push notifications for alarms and events.

Voice Evacuation

Hawk Security has experience designing and installing voice notification / evacuation systems for buildings such as schools, churches, factories, and hotels.

Mobile Apps

Hawk Security offers several interactive mobile apps for simple and intuitive remote management of commercial alarm and camera systems.

Card Access & Door

Card Access systems allow you to restrict access to certain areas or certain machines, as well as give a report of who accessed those areas and when. These systems allow you to create unique levels of access for your employees and can be integrated with an intercom or video-intercom system.

Agricultural Systems

Hawk Security designs and installs systems to monitor temperature, power, water, and general well-being for livestock.

Just a note to tell you I appreciate your professional service. You don't miss an event. Someone always calls when there is an occurence. Your notifications for battery alert help me keep operable when there is a power outage. If you are ever asked for a reccomendation, please feel free to give them my contact info. Your service is great.

- Bob Borgie, Luray Apothecary, Luray, VA

While managing critical upgrades to an old school building, we discovered with just days left until opening day, that the school’s alarm service company was unable to make the necessary upgrades to the system in time. I called Brant Weller at Hawk Security for emergency assistance. Hawk had men on the job the next day. Through the expertise of their alarm specialists, we quickly had design approval, and the good people at Hawk had the school ready for opening day. Hawk Security now provides economical service and monitoring of my home.

- Dave Segars, Segars Engineering Waynesboro, Virginia

Protection For Your Home And Family

Safety and security are our top priorities for your home. One of our trained salesmen will meet with you free of charge to design a system that adequately secures your home and meets your needs.

Did you know that the majority of home burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away at work or school? And did you know that each year nearly 5 million families become victims of household burglary, often while they were away on vacation?

Whether it is a basic security system, or it includes fire protection, carbon monoxide protection, flood protection, medical pendants, light control, or thermostat controls, Hawk Security takes the extra steps to make sure that it is done right the first time.

Intrusion Alarms

Protect your home from intruders, and regain your peace of mind with a security system designed specifically to meet your needs.

Fire And Gas

Protect your home and family from fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Your Hawk Security alarm system can automatically dispatch the appropriate emergency services to minimize property damage, and ensure the safety of your family.

Camera Systems

Keep eyes on your property, with a High-Definition camera system from Hawk Security. Use your smartphone to remotely watch your cameras to find out what your neighbors do when you are away at work, or see your kids arrive home from school.

Management &

Control and automate your home lighting and thermostats based on whether your alarm system is armed or disarmed.

Remote Control
Mobile Apps

Easily manage your alarm system from anywhere using your smartphone. Control your lights, locks, thermostat, and garage door. Watch live or playback from your camera system.


Hawk Security can provide extra peace of mind for your home or vacation home with temperature monitoring. You can be alerted if the temperature becomes dangerously high or low, so that action can be taken before it is too late.

Text & E-mail

Know what is going on with your alarm system without having to answer a call. Receive automatic text, e-mail, or push notifications for system events such as arm/disarm by a specific person, sensors in alarm, door left open, or power loss.

& Emergency

Hawk Security can protect your loved ones, with wireless medical alert pendants and buttons for simple dispatching of emergency medical services.

When I bought my house, I inherited a security system that was being monitored by a different security company. My service was cancelled without notice, and my indication of this was an annoying beeping sound that went off hourly from my main panel, day and night. I called my friend Brant at Hawk, and he immediately had his technician call me. Within about 10 minutes, the technician had walked me through the steps to stop the beeping, and this was without me even being a client of Hawk!! Well, needless to say, I am completely sold on the service that Hawk provides. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me!

- Melinda Sommers

I used Hawk Security for many years. I live in the country and thought we did not need their services any longer - thought we were safe! The week before Thanksgiving a burglar walked into our back door while my daughter-in-law and new born baby were alseep upstairs. The dog awoke her and she called 911. I called Brant at Hawk and he had us up and going in a day! Thanks Hawk Security - you let us get a good nights sleep again.

- Chuck Schuelke

The peace of mind our Hawk Security system affords us is wonderful. After experiencing the stress of being broke into I cannot imagine not having a Hawk system in my home for when we are away from home and especially when we are at home. The whole team is wonderful to work with and provides excellent service from beginning to end. I would highly recommend them to anyone who does not have their system.

- Christy Miller

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Messages sent through this form are typically addressed within 1 business day.
If you need immediate assistance with your security equipment, we ask that you call us at 800-729-4295.

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