Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Video Surveillance Cameras are not all made equally. There is a vast variety of qualities and capabilities in video surveillance cameras.


There are video cameras that you can move and zoom with a joystick, and some that move and zoom by themselves to follow motion. There are video cameras that use infrared light to see at night, and some that record in the same resolution of your digital cameras with 1, 2, 3, and 5 megapixels.  There are even video cameras that can count people as they walk past.  Hawk Security's salesmen are trained in prescribing the right camera for your application.

Standard VGA CCTV

Standard VGA quality video surveillance systems are the most cost effective and the most common.  This does not mean they are all equal.  Hawk Security only uses trusted and quality manufacturers when quoting and installing these video systems.  Our cameras have a quality construction, ensuring that they last many years. They have the right technology to see in low or no light and to compensateGE TVR30 DVR Recorder for glares on windows and glass doors.  In addition, our cameras will have the right lens size to achieve the desired field of view, and at Hawk Security Systems, we will always go the extra mile in designing and installing a system that meets the aesthetic needs of our customers.


IP Megapixel CCTV Systems

IP MegapixeArecont-Vision-AV3105DN-rw-40851-85011l surveillance systems are the next generation in video surveillance.  These systems can be expanded to hundreds of cameras, can have accounting software installed on the individual cameras, and they record at high, multi-megapixel resolutions.  Manufacturers of these surveillance systems are always advancing and pursuing new software to improve the features and capabilties of these systems, and Hawk Security is trained and experienced in the design and installation of these advanced surveillance systems.

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