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Great Service!

Just a note to tell you I appreciate your professional service.  You don't miss an event.  Someone always calls when there is an occurence.  Your notifications for battery alert help me keep operable when there is a power outage.  

If you are ever asked for a reccomendation, please feel free to give them my contact info. Your service is great.

Bob Borgie
Luray Apothecary



Thanks so much for your work.   Phil & Dave were outstanding here on site.   Install went completely smoothly and we are so pleased.   Phil is an excellent trainer –able to talk to our VITA folks and then turn around and speak in plain language to train even me.     Dave was great with the install and so professional even when our legal staff tried to get him to disclose information.   


WOW   this was a really great experience.   

DCSE Charlottesville, VA District Manager

Thank you!

I want to thank Ritchie for helping me with an issue I had last week.  He's friendly, returns calls promptly and he knows what he is doing!  I also appreciate the friendly and competent office staff that seem to answer the phone with a smile and are willing to help you.  I have and would recommend Hawk Security to everyone.    

Harrisonburg longtime customer

While managing critical upgrades to an old school building, we discovered with just days left until opening day, that the school’s alarm service company was unable to make the necessary upgrades to the system in time.  I called Brant Weller at Hawk Security for emergency assistance. Hawk had men on the job the next day.  Through the expertise of their alarm specialists, we quickly had design approval, and the good people at Hawk had the school ready for opening day.

Hawk Security now provides economical service and monitoring of my home.

Dave Segars
Segars Engineering Waynesboro, Virginia

Family Security


The peace of mind our Hawk Security system affords us is wonderful.  After experiencing the stress of being broke into I cannot imagine not having a Hawk system in my home for when we are away from home and especially when we are at home.  The whole team is wonderful to work with and provides excellent service from beginning to end.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who does not have their system. 

Christy Miller


I have worked with Brant Weller of Hawk Security for the past couple of years and have recommended his company to many of my clients and friends.  Everyone that has used Hawk Security has been pleasantly surprised with  the quality of service that they have received.  They always go the extra mile to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their service. If peace of mind is important to you for your home or business, call Hawk Security. 

Minnie Stevenson
1st Choice Real Estate

Highly Recommend

I have had the priveledge of working hand in hand with Hawk Security over the years on several projects. It's great to be able to refer them to ALL my clients with the peace of mind that each and every client will be taken care of and provided with excellent service. I rely on Hawk Security to provide the people I care about with safety and would highly recommend them to you.

Jake Roper
Paint Genies, Inc Waynesboro


When I bought my house, I inherited a security system that was being monitored by a different security company.  My service was cancelled without notice, and my indication of this was an annoying beeping sound that went off hourly from my main panel, day and niht.  I called my friend Brant at Hawk, and he immediately had his technician call me.  Within about 10 minutes, the technician had walked me through the steps to stop the beeping, and this was without me even being a client of Hawk!!  Well, needless to say, I am completely sold on the service that Hawk provides.  Thank you so much for taking such great care of me!

Melinda Somers

Thought we were safe!

I used Hawk Security for many years. I live in the country and thought we did not need their services any longer - thought we were safe! The week before Thanksgiving a burglar walked into our back door while my daughter-in-law and new born baby were alseep upstairs. The dog awoke her and she called 911. I called Brant at Hawk and he had us up and going in a day! Thanks Hawk Security - you let us get a good nights sleep again.

Chuck Schuelke

Everyone at Hawk is so kind and professional.  I always felt valued as a customer of Hawk Security.  One simply doesn't receive great customer service everywhere these days.  


Ritchie just left our home and finished up a quote that was dated June 29, 2011.

He was great, explained the newly working Escort Phone Module.  Added power outage to our monitoring service and actually did a few other helpful things to our system.  He noticed we had the orginal backup battery in the system and recommeded replacement which we appreciate very much.

Thank You


Thank you for your service and the comfort of being able to keep my wife at home with dementia for an additional year.


Thanks for the good service.  Also compliments on your good service men.


Professional Install - Thanks

Hi Matt,

I am very happy with the installation.  I wanted to tell you that Philip did an excellent job and should be given a pat on the pack for a job well done.


Please express our appreciation to your employee Wesley for his work and courtesy at our church today.  He installed, checked circuits, tested and replaced smoke detectors, put in codes for our system.  He gave very good explanations.  We appreciate his work and his courtesy.


In this fast-paced business world of get it done and get out, it's hard to find someone who needs to be thanked for a job well done.  Well today I am writing you to say thank you to one of your employees who did a fantastic job of re-installing our video surveillance system here at (my place of work).  I would like to pass on a huge thank you to Philip who went beyond the get it done and get out attitude.  He spent the day re-wiring and re-installing the system to a neat and professional apperarance.  I have been a maintenance supervisor for over 20 yrs and to see a young man take pride in his work and his work ethic is very nice to see again.  Please pass my "thank you" to him and I thank you for hiring such an outstanding young professional on your team.  I hope this year brings you and Hawk Security much success.


Maintenance Supervisor

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your prompt response on repairing my system.  I would also like to compliment your installer Richie.  He did an outstanding job, answered all my questions, explained the system, and was totally professional.



Thanks for all of your hard work!  We sleep much better now knowing we are secure.


Your guys did a great job and were easy to work with. Thanks!!


I wanted to let you know that the installation went very smooth today.  The gentlemen that installed the system was very professional and thorough in his explanation of how to operate the system.  He made sure all of my questions were answered and issues resolved before finishing.  It's so refreshing to experience genuine customer service!

We're glad to have it up and running in our home.

Thanks for your assistance along the way.

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