GE / Interlogix Concord Seriesconcord 4 keypad
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My system is going off, what do I do? - Press the disarm button, then enter your code.


The keypad beeps, and shows a '*' on the screen: Press ** to display full system status. This will show any faults or trouble conditions.


Bypassing a detector or sensor: Press # enter your code, then enter the sensor number. Example with 4233 as the code and 17 as the sensor: # 4233 17.


Resetting a smoke detector: Disarm the system twice - press disarm, your code, disarm, and your code.


How do I switch to another system partition? This will only work if your code has been assigned access to the partition that you are trying to switch to. On the keypad, Press 8 followed by your code, press 6, press the number corresponding to the partition that you wish to access (1-6), The lower line of the keypad should indicate which partition they keypad is currently accessing. P1 means partition 1, P2 means partition 2, etc... Switching partitions is temproary and the keypad will return to it's default partition automatically.


Turning door chime on and off: Enter 7 then 1 on the keypad


The time and date are wrong, how do I fix it? - Press 9 then enter your code to access the system menu, use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the menu and hit '#' when Time or Date is displayed on the screen. Enter the new time or date and hit '#'. To exit the system menu, use the up and down arrow keys to navigate until you see 'Exit Programming' on the keypad, hit '#'.

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