Interactive Monitoring

Security Monitoring isn't what it used to be.  All security monitoring services call the police in a burglary or the fire department in a fire, and then they call you to make you aware of the alarm.  Now, though, monitoring can do so much more.  Now, you, the customer can have a lot more control over your security system as well as other parts of your home or business from remote locations through your laptop or smartphone.  There's an app for that. 

Security System Control 

alarm dot com iphone

With Interactive Monitoring service powered by, customers can now arm/disarm their system from a computer or smartphone app.  They can logon and see if their system is armed or disarmed and view the history of events.  They can easily create individual user codes for all of their neighbors, managers, and family, and then activate and deactivate those codes with the click of a mouse.  So, when headed on vacation with Auntie Susie coming to watch the dogs, customers can activate Aunt Susie's code and then deactivate it when she leaves (so she doesn't come in one day and rearrange their furniture). 




alarm dot com notify

With Interactive Monitoring powered by, customers can now be notified anytime through text message or email if their system is armed/disarmed, there is an alarm, the power goes out to their home, the system was not armed the time it was supposed to be, it was not disarmed the time it was supposed to be, and even if a cabinet, drawer, or door was opened that should not be (even if the system is disarmed).  This helps keep children, babysitters, and employees out of those areas they are not supposed to be in.



Thermostat Control

Interactive Monitoring customers can now evenSchlage Thermostat control their thermostats with Empower from They can change the desired temperature from their smartphone or computer.  They can set the thermostat to certain schedules so that it saves energy while they are at work.  They can receive email or text notifications if the home heats or cools passed a certain level, and when there is a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector installed on the system, they can stop their heating and cooling system from running and circulating the air in the event of a carbon monoxide or smoke alarm.



Light Control

zwave light switch

Interactive Monitoring powered by allows customers to turn lights on/off or to even set to a certain dimmming level from their smartphone or computer. Customers can set the lights to automatically come on at certain times or after certain events such as the front door opening or a car pulling in the driveway.  When customers leave for vacation, they can remotely set their lights to turn on in the evenings around a certain time and then turn off later to give the appearance that there is someone living in the house. 



Schlage Lock

For those wanting to control basic entry with not just their security system, but also their locks, Hawk Security can install key code locks on the desired doors, so customers can create/delete codes for these locks on their computers (through, and lock/unlock their doors with their smartphones or computers through the web site or smartphone app. 



Video camera

Interactive monitoring allows for video services to be integrated with the security system.  Customers can login and watch video on their smartphone or over the internet, but they can also receive video emails or messages when someone comes in the front door, drives up the driveway, turns off the security system, or number of other applications where they would want to have a picture of what was going on in or around their home or business.

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