Commercial Fire and Security

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 You've invested a lot of time and money to get your business where it is today.  You don't want to risk everything you've created to theft, fire or to the hands of a mainly residential security company with a cheap installation and long-term contract.  You want the local service and experience of Hawk Security to design the system for your business or farm.


Fire Protection

Hawk Security is fireworx-panelsexperienced in designing UL commerical fire systems.  We have highly-trained technicians with NICET III level certifications to design and install even the most complicated of fire systems. 

We use non-proprietary devices than can be interchanged and upgraded easily, and we also have competitive monitoring rates.  We provide professional installations, and our service technicians are never far away in the event of an emergency. 




From video surveillance to electronic security systems to access control, Hawk Security has the experience to design the right system for the right job. Video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your merchandise, your store, and your employees from your home.  You can always just check-in to see what's going on while you are gone, or review recorded footage to clarify an incident.  Hawk Security has the expertise to provide the right surveillance cameras to do exactly what you need them to do.

lectronic security systems can allow for your employees to have a panic button that can silently call the police in an holdup, or will call the police for you in the event of a break-in.  Hawk Security will take the extra steps Hold up buttonto design and install a system that is sufficient enough to do the job of securing your business and that can be integrated with other electronic systems.

Non-theft Monitoring

Many times in business you need to know when something happens other than fire or winland envirolertburglary.  You may need to know when the power goes out or when a certain temperature goes above or below necessary degrees.  Hawk Security has a lot of experience in monitoring poultry houses to protect large flocks of birds and experience with pharmacies that need to keep vaccines and medications within certain temperature ranges.  If you need to know when something happens at your place of business, Hawk Security's expertise will help you find a way.

Door Access Control

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Access Control Systems allow you to restrict access to certain areas or certain machines, as well as give a report of who accessed those areas and when.  These systems allow you to create unique levels of access for your employees and can be integrated with an intercom or video-intercom system.  An access control system will give you the comfort of controlling and knowing who and when important areas of your business are accessed.

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