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My alarm is going off, what do I do? - Enter your four digit code to disarm the system. If you make a mistake while entering the code, press the '#' key and re-enter the code. In some situations, the siren may sound for another 10-15 seconds.


Keypad beeping, yellow trouble light lit: press * 2 to view the trouble status. The keypad may display "System trouble service required", press * again to view the trouble.


Turning 'Door Chime' on and off: Press * 4 to toggle door chime on / off.


Bypassing zones: Press * 1 on the keypad, enter your access code (if required), press the right or left arrow keys repeatedly

until the zone you wish to bypass is displayed on the screen, then press *. Bypassing lasts for one arming and disarming cycle. It is not possible to indefinitely bypass a zone.


How do I reset a fire zone? If the zone in alarm is a smoke detector, make sure that there is not smoke or dust in the air around the detector; likewise, if the alarm is for a pull station, you will need to reset the pull station prior to resetting the alarm panel. To reset the alarm panel, enter your code twice - once to silence the siren or horn strobes, and the second time to reset the detector. For a commercial fire system, the code is usually 1234. This code is only programmed to silence and reset fire, and does not operate the security zones.


The time and date are wrong, how do I fix it? - Enter the system master code, then press 9 for system master options. Once in the system master menu, use the right and left arrow keys to navigate until you see either 'System Time' or 'System Date', press * to select the menu item, press # to exit the menu. *Note* the time must be entered in military or 24 hour time - for example 2:27 PM is 12:00 + 2:27 = 14:27.

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